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Portia and Scarlett

Portia and Scarlett are a designer dress label for all ages and body types. Founded seven years ago, they now have over 100 stores stocking their brand around the world. Their collections are prolific; they currently have over 1,000 styles to present. They specialize in feminine evening wear dresses which combine shape and color palette to create soft, romantic looks. Their ultra-feminine looks are designed in both blush and bold palettes, ranging from sweetheart necklines to show-stopping flourishes such as halters or deep Vs. Portia and Scarlett dresses celebrate the natural curves and soft femininity of each and every woman.

International Beauty Brand

The fashionable styles of Portia and Scarlett first began to gain recognition when various beauty pageant contestants won titles while wearing their gowns. Since then, the family business has expanded the brand globally, with over 100 stores in over 20 countries. While Portia and Scarlett’s corporate headquarters are in Sydney, Australia, they remain loyal creators to clients from around the world. The brand has over 700,000 collective Instagram followers, with the number growing daily. Their brand’s success isn’t only seen in online followers but also in sales. Their flagship boutique in Sydney has the highest turnover in bridesmaid gowns, county-wide.

The Portia and Scarlett brand has been a runaway success the world over with brides dressing their bridesmaids. Their sister label, Dollhouse Bridesmaids was created exclusively due to the overwhelming demand for more bridesmaid dresses both from national and international audiences. They created the bridesmaid collection with a bridesmaid’s budget in mind, keeping each gown at an affordable price point. Due to that factor, the gowns have grown to be popular with other occasion dress markets as well including prom and special events. The brand aims to create dresses catering to all shapes, sizes and price points without sacrificing quality, design or customer service.

Romantic & Feminine

All Portia and Scarlett evening gowns are romantic and feminine. However, there are two major categories within the brand’s color palettes which cater to certain skin tones and settings.

Bridesmaids dresses are where Portia and Scarlett designs truly shine. The brand is perhaps best known for their soft blush palettes consisting of dove greys, light mauves, pale peaches, powder blues, light lilacs, and ballet pinks. These pale colors come in truly lovely shades, varying just enough for each and every woman to find the perfect pale match for their skin tone.

The other color palette Portia and Scarlett favor is that of the jewel tones – deep sapphire blues, vibrant ruby reds, opulent emerald greens, and dark luxury garnet. Due to their darker tones, these dresses are not one-time-wear bridesmaids dresses. These dresses in classic, flattering hues can be worn as cocktail, black tie and black tie optional attire forever after. With shades in varying jewel tones, there is splendidly colored gown for every woman.

Shapely Silhouettes

Portia and Scarlett designs have mastered the feminine silhouette which is tasteful and elegant, yet romantic and sexy.

Their bridesmaid collections feature both flowy and form-fit designs. The form-fit designs are often in a mermaid shape, using the flared bottom to balance decorations along the top. The form-fit designs also accentuate a woman’s waist and hips, creating hourglass figures. The more flowy designs, typically A-line with flowing fabric beneath the waist, feature flower petals or ornate beading to give each dress a special touch. The necklines of the bridal collections range from sweetheart necklines to halter, which accentuates the shoulders.

For those looking to make a bolder statement, Portia and Scarlett also have brighter designs, such as a figure-hugging sleeveless dress in bright red, with a bow bustle or slinky wrap-bodice dresses in hot pink or teal. For the ultimate in dramatic flair, there are also off-the-shoulder sweetheart-neckline mermaid evening gowns with embellished trains attached, all in vibrant petal fabric.

No matter which silhouette is to your liking, Portia and Scarlett are sure to have a shape which will not only flatter your body but enhance the parts of it you like the best. Designing for all shapes and sizes is important to Portia and Scarlett so they carry evening gowns in a range of sizes so no woman is kept from finding the dress of her dreams.

Where to Find Portia and Scarlett Designs

While Portia and Scarlett gowns are found in over 100 stores in over 20 countries they may not be in your specific city. Luckily, NewYorkDress is the premier online marketplace for high-end designer dresses, one of which is Portia and Scarlett designs. With the goal of making glamour accessible to every woman, NewYorkDress is ready to help you find the Portia and Scarlett design of your dreams. Start your search for the perfect dress with professionals who only stock the best – NewYorkDress.

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