Purple Designer Dresses

The color purple has always been quite special. It uniquely symbolizes royalty, nobility, luxury, and wealth.

Even in the world of fashion, purple dresses exude femininity and luxury. Ever felt like a queen whenever you wear purple evening gowns? It’s psychologically proven that purple dresses make you feel connected to a sense of higher-self.

When to Wear a Purple Dress

A purple dress makes an excellent addition to your family of dresses. This is because they are quite versatile and can fit in most events and occasions. They also fit in all year round, so you don’t have to wait for a specific season to rock any gorgeous purple dress.

However, choosing specific purple dresses for the right occasions can make your event one to remember. A striking purple dress for formal occasions will be lovely if you’re looking to stand out in the crowd. Striking purple also looks luxurious at a gala, awards-giving event, or charity.

A pretty lilac shade of purple will also make bridesmaids stand out on your wedding day. If it’s a purple-themed wedding, lilac, violet, mauve shades of purple will make your bridesmaids and mother of the day look marvelous. Of course, it also suits wedding guests.

Turning 16? A purple gown is chic and sweet. Imagine a sugar-sweet shade of purple adorned in a tiara and silver shoes, a sight to behold on your big day. Purple dresses also make you a head-turner at prom. Select a shade of purple that enhances your skin tone and bedazzle your date, Queen!

Popular Styles of Purple Dresses

Like purple comes in different magnificent shades, purple dresses also come in various classy styles. There’s almost always something to suit your tastes.

For instance, when Chief bridesmaids duty calls, you answer in this gorgeous Sherri Hill purple gown.

Purple dresses for weddings are fabulous in long flowing lengths (like the Lara mauve gown). It makes a great outfit for bridesmaids, while this Nox Anabel gown is perfect for a wedding guest. You could also be a stunning bridesmaid in this modern knee-length Nox Anabel gown if short dresses are more your style.

Mini purple gown, anyone? This style by ALYCE gives off a youthful, sassy look that fits perfectly for prom. For your Sweet 16, you can choose a fuller high slit Andrea and Leo ball gown. This style shows you off as a classy, beautiful, and budding young queen.

Purple dresses are also popular in style at galas and events. This Terani high slit gown with a full tail is the perfect look you need to stand out from the crowd. Head-turning, gorgeous, that’s the look you’re gunning for with this gown.

Award night? Deliver stunning looks in this not-your-regular shade of purple Edward Arsouni Couture gown.

What Color Shoes To Wear With a Purple Dress?

Because purple is such an alluring color, knowing the type of shoes to pair with it can almost be a chore. Of course, no one wants to pair the wrong color of shoes with a suave designer dress. So, what colors should you be looking at?

If you’re not so daring, black will always give you a safe landing. They’re practical, and you really can’t go wrong in black heels, whether sandals or thigh-high boots. Just make sure you choose the right kind of shoes to go with the appropriate gown.

Silver is another beautiful color that just works with purple. High metallic shoes are great for cocktails, bridal train dresses, or parties. A beige, white, or black purse should also be the right companion for your silver shoes.

White strappy sandals or shoes look chic on a lilac shade of purple or other soft shades of purple. They sweetly accentuate your feet. You can grab a white, beige, silver, or black purse to go with.

As odd as this might seem, beige or nude shoes also make a lovely choice. They’re warm and cool at the same time and gorgeous on the skin. Other exciting choices of shoe color that will suit your purple dress include some shades of blue, burgundy, or gold.

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