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SeraBella was founded in 1955 under the name Safa Fashion. Today, the Turkish fashion house exports its high-end, luxury gowns and dresses all over the world, including to Russia, the US, and most Arab countries. SeraBella has followed the rapid evolution of fashion for decades and uses high-quality fabrics while maintaining its attention to detail. Thanks to this, there is now a SeraBella dress for every taste. Shop now!

SeraBella designs prom dresses, wedding dresses, and gowns for other formal events. This season is a great time to grab a SeraBella dress if you’ve been invited to a formal holiday party. We’re delighted by their long black haute couture gowns, especially because it’s suitable for all body types. Its tasteful cleavage and low-cut back will leave no one indifferent. The gown is made of tulle with long sleeves.  

SeraBella Dresses Look Custom-Made for You  

SeraBella dresses and gowns are manufactured from handmade luxury fabrics, including chiffon, satin, silk, and tulle. Embellishments like sequins, glitter, and crystals are typical of their collections. The Turkish designer favors gentle pastel colors like rose, cream, princess pink, champagne, sea foam blue, mint green, and baby powder shades as well as all sorbet colors. You will dazzle in a short-sleeved gown with color-wash skirt at your next formal party.

The translucent bodice of the gown, which is available in green-silver and champagne-pink, boasts short sleeves and an elegant bateau neckline. Glittering lines sculpt the torso. A shimmery band draws attention to the waist. Contrasting tiers of fringe feather the fluted full-length skirt, while nude-toned lining along the upper skirt and bodice lends a luscious, sensuous look.

SeraBella Gowns for Every Occasion  

If you truly want to shine at your next award ceremony, formal business event, or gala dinner, SeraBella’s fancy cap-sleeved formal with fringe details will ensure you look your finest. Striking appliqué adorns the sheer shoulder caps, framing a lovely neckline. The strapless sweetheart lining provides ample coverage where needed. Soft pleats draw up the skirt, floating down to a vibrant full length. Sparking crystals and fringe tufts grace the gown from the waist down to the feet.

Those looking to impress in a one-of-a-kind gown at an upcoming wedding will be pleased to know there is a wide variety of wedding dresses, bridal shower dresses, wedding guest dresses, MOB dresses, bridesmaid, wedding reception, and rehearsal dinner as well as other formal dresses available from SeraBella.

A SeraBella Dress for Every Body Type and Preference

Women of all shapes and sizes can find SeraBella dresses to their taste. The swirling cap-sleeved formal with filmy flute is particularly suitable for curvy ladies with apple- or pear-shaped bodies. This swirling gown is simply sensational. Lovely cap sleeves draw attention to sculpted shoulders and toned arms, while the ethereal bodice flatters the bust with a plunging sweetheart neckline. Ravishing crystals embrace the sparkling waist. The sheer layers of the frothy skirt flute to gossamer full length.

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