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Silver Designer Dresses

Back in May, fashionistas noticed that a good, old-fashioned trend was making a reemergence. This trend, which was once a staple of the 80’s, was a unique blend of classic elegance and glamor with edgy, cool futurism. It was the perfect trend for people who want to sparkle and shine when they go out…

That’s right, metallics are back.

Shimmering, metallic-style fabrics are having their moment in the sun right now, with silver dresses chief among them. These dresses are great for fancy events like prom, a sweet 16 party, or any other time that you want to light up the night!

When to Wear a Silver Dress

Silver is a color that you can wear almost anywhere. It’s a neutral tone, which means it will look great out dancing with the girls, attending prom or a birthday party, a gallery opening or company dinner, and anywhere in between.

In fact, there is really only one place we’d suggest you avoid wearing silver: a wedding. This is because silver can look white under the lights – you don’t want people thinking you dressed to upstage the bride! Unless the bride specifically ok’s it, don’t wear silver (or any other color that could be perceived as white) to a wedding. But if you’re going to any other event, feel free to let your look shine!

Popular Styles

One of the great things about silver dresses is the way the color can suit any style. For example, let’s say you want to wear a designer silver dress with an air of classic sophistication. Look for a gown with muted shimmer factor (maybe just a few beaded appliques) and a classic cut like this A-line number. Now you’re ready for a chic and classy evening.

Now, let’s say you want to wear something a bit more playful. Silver is the perfect choice for a sequined mini dress! This look is youthful, sexy, and a whole lot of fun. It’s perfect for a night of dancing with your girlfriends – and when the lights hit your dress, there’s no doubt that everyone’s eyes will be on you!

Tips for Wearing Silver

While silver dresses look beautiful for any occasion, some women find them difficult to “pull off.” This, of course, is simply a matter of knowing how to style your gown. Here are a few tips to help you look your very best in a silver evening gown:

  •         When in doubt, pair silver with blue. These two colors look great together!
  •         Keep your makeup “cool.” Metallic shades like charcoal or turquoise will compliment your gown, while warm tones will tarnish the overall look.
  •         If you want to break up the silver look, add a few accents of gold jewelry.
  •         Keep your shoes understated. Your dress is the star of the show here, so let it have its moment!

Silver Gowns from NYD

No matter what the occasion, New York Dress has the perfect silver designer gown for you. Check out our selection today – you just might find your new favorite dress!

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