Biggest Color Trends for Fall & Winter 2019

Love it or hate it, seasons change, and after summer must come fall. It’ll be a nice reprieve from the heat for some, while others aren’t going to appreciate the cool weather at all. One thing is for sure - the color trends in the upcoming fall and winter are a delight to us all. We didn’t think it was possible for so many beautiful, alluring colors to all be in style at the same time. We hope you’ll be as inspired as we were! 


A color that’s just as beautiful as the wine! Merlot will dominate Fall 2019. It’s especially striking on exquisite floor-length gowns. A long merlot satin slip is a perfect choice for an evening party. A merlot evening gown with tight-fitting bodice covered with beads and ending in a characteristic A-line skirt will stun at a formal event.

Sage and Minty Green

Pistachio hues were all over the runways throughout 2019 and there’s no end to them in sight. We expect the color to absolutely blow up in the fall. The long mint- and sage-colored dresses feel refreshing and contemporary. We’ll be seeing these shades on everything from floor-length gowns and slip dresses to A-lines and jumpsuits.


Fiery chili pepper reflected the more rebellious side of this winter’s color trends on the New York runway. This scorching red is timelessly striking, making it ideal for an evening gown. It’s also an interesting choice for a billowing or lace dress which would seem too modest and feminine in a pastel color.

Go for the Gold

Metallic shades are ruling fall 2019 with gold at the fore. This shade would make for an appealing take on the little black dress. Turn heads at your next cocktail party in a little metallic dress for a change! Gold and silver hues work for casual wear quite well, but they’re unbeatable if you’re looking for the wow factor at a red carpet event. For a fun and everyday look, go for a comfortable knee-length dress woven with gold.

Puff sleeves and square necklines are also in style, so you could opt for a metallic dress that will combine all these trends. If you prefer something simpler, a silver satin slip dress will exude sophistication and elegance.

As we’ve written before, Tarik Ediz is one of the most prominent designers in our collections. There are too many “highlights” to speak of, but one of the most notable pieces is a shimmery, metallic crisscross back evening gown with a plunging V neckline, open back and sheer inset. The A-line skirt flows down from a beaded belt around the waist.

Bright and Bold

Tiger orange is flattering on every skin tone and will be paired with just as vibrant pink or lime green this fall and winter. In cool weather, there’s nothing better than an ankle-length lace and satin slip dress in this ravishing shade of orange – of course, paired with a long coat or a sweater. Another option is a slinky leather dress in tiger orange or biking red, another trendy color.  

It does seem like all the reds are “in” this year. Summer fig is another case in point. This warm, hearty tone complements the earth and beige tones that make up much of the fall and winter trends. This color is decidedly exotic – a firm red with an orange tinge that is quite unexpected in winter. We think it’s perfect for a comfy sweater dress at the office or at home.

Off-Whites and Grays

These shades are practically synonymous with winter. This year, grays like Paloma and Frost will be paired with navy blue, galaxy blue, and bluestone. You can expect these tones to appear on all kinds of dresses, but mainly casual. For elegant evening wear, designers favor off-whites like Crème de Pêche and Vanilla Custard.


On a final note, this is a vibrant, lively tone that offers the perfect combination of subtlety and strength. It makes quite a statement on a floor-length gown. We saw it on some feather dresses and thought it worked very well too. It’s perfect for those who find more subdued reds appealing.   

With or without cranberry, feather dresses will be more popular than ever this fall. You can read all about them on New York Dress’s blog.

Top Trends and Styles for Fall and Winter

Designers aren’t turning the page on opulent dresses this fall and winter. We will be seeing voluminous silhouettes and flowy fabrics more often than before - and in the wildest of colors.

Complex Styles in Quirky Colors

One runway highlight was a structured, see-through lace dress in Butterscotch. Another was a flowy silk dress in Guacamole, the color of avocado. It wouldn’t have been as impressive in a bolder color. One also couldn’t help but notice asymmetric ruffled satin dresses in tiger orange.

Turtleneck Dresses in Shades of Beige  

Expect to see hazel, sugar almond, and every shade of beige this fall and winter. Languid, loose layers in these hues were all over the runways. Several designers featured single-color head-to-toe looks with a twist - each garment was a slightly different shade of beige. Darker browns like Chicory Coffee and Rocky Road also showed up.

A pronounced trend this fall is mixing shades of golden brown, ash brown, or other browns and beiges in your attire. If turtleneck dresses aren’t exactly your thing, you could pair a chestnut brown blouse with a hazel leather skirt.

To really look chic, combine soft browns with deep, creamy yellows like Dark Cheddar and Butterscotch. If that seems too dull, go for orange tiger or head-to-toe mint.

Check out NYD’s Fall and Winter Collections

As always, New York Dress is one of the first marketplaces to pick up the new trends. Among our latest arrivals is a glamorous jumpsuit in fall’s hottest shade of red from one of our leading designers. The centerpiece of the outfit is a shimmering lapel on the fitted bodice. Check out our new collections and enjoy splashes of gorgeous color in the months to come! 

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