Things to Consider When Shopping for Maternity Evening Dresses

Ah, the joys of pregnancy. It’s the most beautiful experience of a woman’s life, but it doesn’t always feel that way. When you’re pregnant, dressing up can become a huge challenge as your body keeps growing and changing. While you can’t just hide out at home for nine months, you can find an evening dress that makes you feel as beautiful as your new body looks. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect maternity evening dress for those special occasions you just can’t miss.

Look and Feel Your Best with These Maternity Fashion Tips

There are plenty of ways to find a beautiful pregnancy evening gown that keeps you feeling comfortable while complementing your growing body. While you’re shopping around, take note of the following style factors:

Look for Soft and Stretchy Materials

One of the first things you’ll want to consider is the type of material the dress is made of. You’ll want to find a dress that’s light and breathable so that you’re not overheating or sweating in something like silk. Jersey is a great material as it’s soft and stretchy. Cotton, cotton tulle, cashmere, and linen are some other excellent options. All of them are soft, cozy, absorbent, and breathable – perfect for your growing body (and fluctuating hormone levels).

Compliment Your Curvy Shape

Pregnant or not, a major consideration for finding a perfect evening dress should always be the shape. Different shapes suit different body types, and this is no different during pregnancy. Maternity ball gownsA-line dresses are also great options that will complement your curvy pregnancy shape in all the right places while leaving room for that belly to grow, so you can wear it throughout the pregnancy.

Choose a Safe and Stylish Length

It’s every pregnant woman’s nightmare to trip and fall while growing a tiny human in their belly, which is why the length of an evening dress needs to be carefully considered during pregnancy. While the longest, flowing gowns might be beautiful, save those for later and choose a dress that doesn’t hit the floor. Knee-length dresses, midi dresses and high-low dresses are all safe and stylish options.

Play with Patterns

If you have a bold personality and love to wear patterned dresses, consider patterns that will work with your body. Go for vertical lines over horizontal to add an elongated, slimming effect. Ombre patterns are also really nice. Sequins can add some sparkle and shine to your dress, while lace can elevate the sophistication of a gown. Whatever you choose, have fun with it but don’t forget about highlighting all those lovely curves.

Color Requires Careful Consideration

Choosing a color is one of the most important factors involved in finding the perfect evening dress because you have to consider so many things. You need to give equal attention to the season, your skin tone, the type of event you’re dressing for, and the type of dress you’re looking at if you want to pick the perfect color.

You can start by considering the location of the event as well as the season. For example, romantic hues like lavender and pink would be great for a summer event in a botanical garden, while darker colors like navy and black would be classy at a formal indoor event during winter, and earth tones like olive and burnt umber would suit an autumn event in a field. Based on where, when, and what type of event you’re dressing for, you can narrow down your options and choose one that works best with your skin tone.    

Cool, neutral, and warm skin tones all work better with different colors. Blue and pink undertones match a cool skin tone, while yellow and peach undertones compliment warm skin tones, and neutral skin tones can go with a combination of the two. Be careful not to choose a color that clashes with your skin tone – after all, the goal is to highlight that beautiful pregnancy glow, not wash it out!

Dress to Impress Without Sacrificing Comfort

No matter how stylish the dress, you’ll never look your best if you’re uncomfortable in it. Nothing looks better on a woman than confidence and the best way to feel confident with a growing belly is to be comfortable. So, use the tips above to find a dress that will help you dress to impress without sacrificing your comfort. Now, get out there and flaunt that beautiful pregnant body!

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