Dresssing for the Holidays in 2020

2020 has been quite a different, unique year. While we can choose to relive the tumultuous moments and think of all the fun we couldn’t have during the lockdown, we choose to look on the bright side.

The COVID-19 Pandemic has taught us many things, and at the center of it all is that time spent with family is precious. With many events canceled this year and especially during this Yuletide, there’s more family time to go round.

This special holiday season is the most magical time to have fun with your family and play dress-up at home. You don’t have to look like something the cat dragged in, even if you won’t be going to any events.

Playing dress-up with the family makes for good bonding time and has relaxing effects on both young and old.

Another excellent excuse to dress up this holiday is for your virtual office party! You can still manage to dazzle your co-workers right through their screens. Is there going to be a family Christmas party on Zoom? Dress up and look the part!

Choosing the Right Holiday Attire for Christmas 2020

Certain types of dresses will work best, based on the event you’re dressing up for. Let’s look at some special holiday events and the best dresses to wear for them.

Casual vs. Formal

Before choosing a dress for your event, one of your foremost considerations should be the type of event it’s going to be. If you’re having a work party, whether virtual or not, first find out if there’s a theme. It’s easier to narrow down your dress search if you know that there’s a standing theme.

If there’s none, a cocktail dress is suitable for work parties during the day. It’s always wise to remember that it is still an office event, so dressing appropriately is not compromisable. Try a stylish cocktail dress by Lara for a semi-formal look.

If your work party is set in the evening time, this is a bit more formal but, evening parties allow you a little more freedom. You may relax your formality while still maintaining the office dress code, if any. Look ravishing in an Ellie Wilde at your evening work party, or a simple home-worthy attire by Fely Campo if it’s a virtual party.

Family Occasions

Is your party a simple family garden party? Or even a virtual family gathering? Jumpsuits are casual enough for a family party and comfy too. Some really trendy ones like the Odrella Jumpsuit helps you to look the part.

Even if it’s only a small party, you can still let your dress do the talking and turn heads. This Jovani mini dress is an elegant piece with dazzling studs that look very Christmassy.

Is it beginning to look a lot like Christmas? That’s the festive spirit!

Style Your Outfit With a Designer Mask

Masks have become one of the necessities of the times since COVID. If you’re going to a physical party whether, at work or any other event, you’re not completely dressed without a mask.

Don’t ruin your designer outfit with just any raggedy mask; go for a couture mask to complete your ensemble. Check out our Andrea and Leo sequined designer masks in colors to pair with your outfit.

Colors to Consider for Your Holiday Dresses

Christmas and the holiday season brings with it its colorful cheer. Donning some types of colors during this season can throw your whole vibe a bit off, even if it’s the most beautiful gown. For instance, this is not the season you want to be wearing browns; let’s save them for autumn, perhaps.

This holiday, we’re going with the red dresses and green dresses in line with Christmas colors. White, nude, and metallic shimmery colors also make a grand appearance at many parties this Yuletide.

Winter White dresses can be paired with fabulous metallic jewelry, like silver shoes and purses. Nude colors work well with people with darker skin tones, especially if it’ll be a very shimmery, sparkly party. 

Why Buy From NYD?

New York Dress houses the most extensive collection of high-end designer dresses from over 45 designers, affording glam dresses for every woman. We love to make you look your best, even during this global pandemic. Not even a virus can stop you from being the star of the show this holiday season. Shop our elegant collection of Christmas dresses and cocktail attires as you have yourself a lovely Christmas!

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