Upgrade Your LBD for the New Year

Every woman needs a little black dress in her closet because they are the perfect answer to almost every occasion. The elegance of little black dresses lends them to being versatile for many different events, of carrying you from day to night and informal to formal. Buy one little black dress which fits you impeccably and you’ll have a dress to wear to any event, such as work parties, social gatherings, dinner get togethers, formal events and even weddings. With the New Year here, make sure you’re prepared to look your best no matter the occasion.

Tips for Wearing an All Black Dress

When buying your dedicated little black dress, make sure to choose a design which is comfortable, fits you impeccably well and is versatile enough in style to transition between a range of events.

When wearing a little black dress, be mindful of light-colored pet hair or fuzzy blankets which shed. They will leave white or tan hairs all over your dress. The easiest way to avoid this is to put the dress on last, after makeup, tights and heels, right before you head out the door.

Stunning Little Black Dresses

It’s often a matter of knowing what options are available to you and how to style them. Some of our most beautiful yet versatile pieces are below:

Classic Sweetheart Cocktail Dress - A part of being the perfect little black dress is being classically shaped, so the dress can be worn to many different events. There is probably no shape more classic than a sweetheart neckline. Flattering and providing visual shape, the sweetheart neckline and knee-length hemline of this dress make sure it is appropriate for formal occasions without looking too corporate.

Tea-Length Floral Sheath Dress - This ultra-feminine dress has all of the attractive features of a little black dress: tastefully alluring, moderate in its shortness and designed to feature the woman’s body who is wearing it. With added floral lace detailing along the neckline, off-the-shoulder sleeves and along the bottom hemline, this dress is a stunning feminine addition to anyone’s closet and can easily be dressed down for a garden party or up to a formal event.

Art Deco Inspired Cocktail Dress - When dresses have elaborate detailing, as this one does, it can be just right or just wrong. In this case, the intricate beading and pattern draws the eye and makes the dress interesting. It’s a gorgeously designed piece, with long sleeves balancing out the short length of the dress. This dress can transition from that little bit of glam needed during the day to a party dress at night, provided the right accessories (see How to Spice Up a Little Black Dress).   

Sophisticated Plunging Cocktail Dress - Sometimes a dress comes along that will turn the heads of everyone you meet while wearing it. That’s this dress. Understated in shape and form, but luxurious in texture (plush velvet), cinched at the waist to define the body and with a plunging neckline, this dress can remain understated chic or be elevated to sophisticated sleek with the right accessories (see How to Spice Up a Little Black Dress).  

Hollywood Vintage Floor-Length Dress - There are occasions which call for enchantment. They are the occasions where perhaps a slight breeze is blowing, or its set among the flowers in a garden, or perhaps you wish to look like a shimmering vision in a sea of staid dress choices. This vintage-inspired dress has an elegant bodice and sheer flutter sleeves with strands of glistening beadwork, making it an opulent choice for those wishing to look both ethereal and polished.

How to Spice Up a Little Black Dress

Wearing an all-black dress may come naturally to those who love the simplicity of black. Others may struggle to style a dress without colors or patterns. Here is some advice on how to spice up the little black dress in your life:

  • Pops of Color - Feel free to add tasteful pops of color to accentuate the dress. This can include jewelry, an accent purse or clutch and even your makeup or nail polish.
  • Jewelry - Gorgeous jewelry with colorful gems accents beautifully against black. Almost any color jewelry you choose will shine brightly against the black setting.
  • Details - For those worried about looking too boring in a little black dress, consider getting one with accents which can complement your natural style while still being sophisticated.
  • Shoes - If you want to keep things understated, stick to nude or black heels. Or, if you want to stand out, go with bright red, blue or emerald green, matching them with eye-catching accessories as well.

Find the Perfect Little Black Dress for You

Perhaps one of the best things about black is that everything does indeed match it. This means that a little black dress allows you to accessorize to your heart’s content. With the right accessories, you can use a single little black dress to look stunning at any occasion. At NewYorkDress, we carry over 45 high-end designers and are the premiere online marketplace for gorgeous designer dresses. Let us help you find the perfect little black dress for the New Year.

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