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Rina Di Montella Dresses

For the sophisticated, stylish woman, finding a gown that suits both her standards and tastes can be tricky – but never fear, Rina Di Montella collection has just the gown or cocktail dress you need to make your special occasion perfect. Many of these gowns feature silhouettes, cuts, and details that are exceedingly opulent and dramatic; special enough for the fanciest occasion.


Rina Di Montella gowns are noted for their style and ornate design, so finding the perfect bags, shoes and jewelry is very important. While many of the looks are pre-matched with complimentary, sleeved jackets and shrugs, others require their wearer to be inventive and creative about finding the best finishing touches. The dresses themselves feature enough detail to take away the pressure to find a statement piece of jewelry, so instead try to find beautiful gems and jewels that set off the satin finish, ornate appliqué or lace in your favorite gown. No matter how you choose to accessorize your gown, you will always stand out in Rina Di Montella.


Rina Di Montella designs don't follow trends, they set them. A piece from this collection is so timelessly elegant it will be a staple for not only occasions this year, but for years to come. All eyes will be transfixed on you when you adorn yourself in a gown that defines modernity while being timeless. The strong silhouettes and intricate detailing make it nearly impossible to blend in, but isn't it wonderful to stand out!


Rina Di Montella dresses featured at feature bold silhouettes embellished with beautiful fabrics and ornate, often hand-crafted details. If you prefer appliqués, sequins, jewels or beads, you’ll find a gown that is decorated in the perfect manner to suit what you like. Look for engaging patterns that span the skirt and bodice, thoughtfully placed appliques that slim, and beautiful accompanying boleros and jackets. Whether you need a tasteful row of beads around your bust or a fully embellished number with sparkles and shimmering sequins, there will be a dress in the Rina Di Montella collection that offers what you’re looking for.


Of course, for every Rina Di Montella dress that offers a structured design, there is also an airier, more flowing piece. While many of the looks featured here create strong silhouettes with an engineered appearance, other dresses offer movement and dynamics to the final appearance of their wearer. Consider the look you want to achieve and the mood of your formal event before you choose which direction to take your finished outfit in, but never fear – any of the gowns or cocktail dresses from this designer are sure to create a smash hit when you walk in the door of your party or other occasion. Do you want to explore a more fanciful side of your personality? Why not see what it feels to give in to your dreams, in a Swept Away gown or a Dreamy Evening gown from Rina Di Montella?


Rina Di Montella gowns are sophisticated pieces of beautifully designed clothing, and every woman will feel comfortable bringing such delicate and well-worked pieces into her wardrobe. If you want to move among the crème de la crème of society, then these gowns offer the workmanship and acuity of style needed to achieve just that, and you’ll be pleased with the end results of your search for the perfect outfit. Made to last for years, these dresses offer excellent value in addition to their top-of-the-line execution, making high end fashion accessible and flattering for all kinds of women.

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